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pregnant from left over sperm on his penis?

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This is a bit embaressing, but im doing this to my boyfriends head at ease. Yesterday me and my boyfriend had sex, we did it three times back to back with only two minute breaks in between depending on how tired we were, the two times we did it, we used a condom but didnt think about changing it for the next time around, he did came and he did take the condom off and threw it away and right after we ended up haveing unprotected sex, my boyfriend wants me to tke a pregnancy test cause hes worried and i dont think i need to do so but will for his sake,we are both wondering if there is a possibilty of me getting pregnant from left over sperm on his penis? i mean i doubt it but there is another side of me saying there is a possibilty, so im left with no answers, if some ones knows the answer the respoonse will be greatly aprreciated.
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replied November 13th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

I am just a bit confused.

Let me get this straight. You and your boyfriend had sexual intercourse three times yesterday. He had a condom on for the first two times, but not for the third? Did he ejaculate inside you, the time that the intercourse was not protected?

If your boyfriend ejaculated inside you, without a condom on, then you can get pregnant from that, of course.

If he did not ejaculate inside of you, without a condom on, there is still a very small possibility of getting pregnant, but again, it is very small.

It is not possible to know how many drops of lubricant (pre-ejaculate) actually escape from the penis whenever there is penetration. For this reason, there is always a possibility of there being sperm placed in the vagina during this action.

While it is true that it only takes one sperm to actually fertilize the egg, it takes about a million to break down the corona around the egg. Just one sperm cannot break down the barrier around the egg, it has to have a lot of help from other sperm.

So, it actually takes a lot of sperm to get the job done, not just one sperm. For this reason, it usually takes a full ejaculate to cause fertilization of the egg. But, in the realm of medicine, it seems that nothing is impossible. So, even though it would be very, very unlikely, there is still a tiny possibility that a woman could get pregnant from the pre-ejaculate from the gentleman's penis.

As to the home pregnancy test, doing it right now would be a waste of time and money. You have to wait a few days, for the hormone levels to start changing before a pregnancy test would be of use.

So, I hope I got the scenario correct or at least got you the information that you were seeking.

Good luck.
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replied January 29th, 2015
hey i too had same problem... i had sex with my girlfriend last night and we had almost 3 time using condom. after the second sex there was almost 1 hrs gap and we had sex without condom for 5-10 min. does this make her pregnant???? or what??
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