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pregnant before iud insertion ?

i think i might have been pregnant before i got the iud put in yesterday i took a pregnany test and it came up neg my doc did one too it was also neg but i think it could be too early to tell during my first pregnancy i had a hpt and it was neg but i was pregn. i just took the test too early i havent had my period since september 16 08 and i got the iud inserted oct. 23 08 i ve been having symptoms especially nausea but the symptoms started before having the iud so what if im pregnant could there been enough time for the baby to pass through the fallopian tubes i know that the iud is blocking the way through now i though u were supposed to wait till after your period to get the iud put in my doc said it was stress thats why i missed i also have bells palsy so it could be that i dont know does nyone have advise
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replied September 8th, 2012
pregnant before iud insertion, whats gonna happen to the fetus?
I'm in the same situation as aajimen, I also have bells palsy. Kinda erie hearing this. I realize this is from a few years back, but I was wondering the outcome. I'm only about six weeks along, and I was about two weeks at time of insertion. Id really like some info on possible birth defects, what could happen to me, the percentage rate for miscarriage? I'm really considering abortion right now. Does anybody have an answer?
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