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Pregnant at 17?

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Hi I'm 17 and I'mm not sure if I'm pregnant. I plan on going and getting a home test sometime this week. I'm scared, because I'm not sure if I would like to keep it or end the pregnancy. My parents play a big role in my decision. I tried to talk to my mother about her thoughts on stuff like that and it didn't go very well. I used my cousin as an example because she has had an abortion. My mom's reply to my question on what she thought was "I'm against abortion. I would rather you keep it. HOWEVER you would still be disowned, most likely by myself and your dad. Because that IS NOT how we raised you." The answer to me getting pregnant has always been, you'll get kick out. But if I am pregnant and I do get kicked out, I can't go run to my boyfriend. And family would be extremely disappointed. I need help on how to handle the situation if I do have to confront my parents about it.
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replied August 9th, 2011
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It sounds like you are very worried.

Your first course of action is to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. Once that has been established, you can make plans. It is no use panicking and making yourself sick with worry about something that has not been confirmed yet.

Kicking a child in need out is not how normal parents react. They can be disappointed and angry, that is normal. They might say one thing now, but when reality hits, they might react differently. Talk is easy. When you become a mom, they become grandparents. So they have a responsibility as well.

Why are you taking chances like this when you know their position on it?. There are enough ways to have all the fun you want an still be safe.
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