here goes.....
i am currently 6.5weeks pregnant and extremely scared and confused.
i am 25, living at home. i do work, but only earn 1100 after tax and insurance.
when i 1st found out i was pregnant, i was shal i say very excited. you see i suffered 2 miscarriages previously with an ex partner, and was just waiting on testst to se if i had problems with carrying.
well now i am just crying all the time, you see i woke up sat thinking i dont love my boyfriend and i dont want this baby?? were did this come from.
now all i am thinking is, ilive at home, i dont no what help is available, my partner dont work. i have always been pampered by my parents you see, and unfortunatley i am not quite sure how to cope with this all.
i no i will be a fantastic mum and love every bone in the little body, but how will i cope finacially and everything else.
i looked at abortions online, and decided thats what i want, then the next minute i change my mind ad think no i can do this??
i am starting to think there is seriously something wrong with me Sad
im scared ill have an abortion and then never be able to have kids coz of previous miscarriages, i am so scared and confused. can someone please help me??
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