10 weeks pregnant been less then a month since me and boyfriend broke up over something that can be so fixable but he took it and ran with it. Today he text me he has a new girlfriend after being together a year n 1 month.. N im over here trying not to stress and worry about him. I blocked him on everything because if its true i dont want to see a picture of them or even him. Im hurt..mad..sad.. Will this pain go away
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replied July 22nd, 2016
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So sorry, Marie. The emotional upheaval of pregnancy can lead to upsets like this. He does not understand and is scared of the responsibility of fatherhood. You feel terribly rejected.

He is the father of your baby and will have a lifelong relationship with it starting perhaps with child support. It may be shortsighted to cut off all communication. The new girlfriend may not turn out to be so wonderful. The pain will go away slowly though there will be triggers that revive it from time to time. If you ever get back together there will be trust issues.

If it is at all possible try to psych yourself into looking at it from the outside, not as a personal affront. You would probably benefit from some counseling. Text him back "Let me know if it does not work out. I hope you will be with me in the delivery room when our baby is born."
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