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pregnant after 2 neg hpt ?

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last period 19th feb... ovulation 7th march..we had sex the 7 and 8th march.. was due on 20thmarch..but its now the 1st april and im still not on my period..i have huge nipples, sore breasts..cramps in lower belly.. 29th and 30th march i wiped down there after the loo and there was a spot of blood, thats all..nothing since.. i did a test on 20th and 27th but they were negative..

can i still be pregnant? im going for a hcg test be sure... iv become more hungry lately,and im never usually 2weeks late for period,neither do i have any pre period symptoms..where now i have enlarged breasts, sore breasts, eating more, loo more frequent,lil cramp in lower belly..

iv heard women have a neg home and blood test but still be pregnant.. with my son i didnt find out till i was 5 months gone, i had regular periods up to then..

any ladies had a pregnancy with neg hpt/blood test?
thanx for any advice/stories
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replied April 4th, 2009
Holy cow! My dates/symptoms are almost exactly the same as yours! My last AF was Feb 18. LOL I posted about this too and no answer from anyone yet. I had the spotting only when I wiped for a day and a half at most, (after being 2 weeks late), nothing since and keep getting negatives. I also got a negative blood test at doc about 4 days ago.

I've heard of many, many who get negatives, and implantation late (after expected AF) and then it's taken a week or more to get a + result. So, we are going to keep testing every 3-4 days and then next week I'll make another appt if nothing to make sure nothing else is wrong with me either way. If I'm not preg then there might be something else wrong since the AF wasn't there (or "acted up").

I'll update here, if you will too! =)
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