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Pregnant after an abortion ?

Question I got pregnant around the first week of august so i did an abortion 2 weeks
later at the arrival at the doctor office we did a procedure as follow

he did the test that show fade positive sign he gave me pills a injection on the hip,told me to wait then we do a suction in which i got an injection in side my vagina. I had less bleeding well hardly a little spot on the shield.

A week later an still i don't see a stable period so i was still concern that I'm pregnant because i still didn't get the weight off and the belly look like its growing.

the problem in this i don't know if its that pregnancy or its a new pregnancy because my boyfriend thinks I'm cheating or make an argument if i bring condom in the bedroom.
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replied September 17th, 2009
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I don't think you'd be growing that much at 3 weeks anyways.

When did your doctor say you'd have a regular period again? If you're having concerns, its best just to talk to your doctor about it anyways.
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