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Pregnancy vs. Ovulation/PMS Symptoms?????

I find it interesting how many of these symptoms are very similar to one another. I've read that clear/white vaginal discharge was a sign of pregnancy while in other areas, not. So, how can you tell the difference between PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms? (Of course, given the chance that one has had sex perhaps on birth control or with a condom and has been having late/irregular periods for a couple months)

A second topic: My boyfriend and I have definitely not had sex, but he has rubbed against me...with a condom and we had anal sex for like..less than 5 minutes..with a condom still..and now my period is 2 months late. and I have sore nipples with slight cramping and a fair amount of white/clear vaginal discharge. When my period first started, it was every other month..or every two months, but then later on, it became more regular. However, I noticed that once I started fooling around with my boyfriend, my period has gotten irregular again! Every other month! And now it's been 2 months later....(My last period was in May and in June my boyfriend and I were doing the aforementioned actions) and I have these symptoms. Could I be pregnant?
And a third question to ask, what reasons are there aside from the typical, could be causing a period to be late? I have no stress and nor have I ever taken birth control pills.
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replied August 5th, 2011
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1. If you are on the pill, you do not ovulate or menstruate. When you are on the pill or using condoms, you should not expect to get pregnant, so always suspect PMS symptoms, not pregnancy, unless you get clear pregnancy signs.

2. You cannot get pregnant from anal sex or rubbing with a condom on. You need a substantial amount of semen at the top of your vagina. Before you say your cycle changed, it should have been that way for a while, one skipped period does not make an irregular or long cycle. It is just one skipped cycle.

3. Stress and worry, health problems, medicines, birth control pills, ovarian cysts (PCOS), low body fat, super fitness, heavy exercises, low weight, hormone imbalance, menopause, pregnancy.
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