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Pregnancy & vaginal skin tags...

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I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. When I went to my first prenatal appointment at approx. 8 weeks, a pap smear was done in which they found abnormal cells on my cervix (cervical dysplasia). At around 17 weeks a colposcopy was done, and then a biopsy of an abnormal growth. They left a voicemail about a week later letting me know that the abnormal growths are not severe enough that they'd need to do anything further right now, but after I give birth I will have another pap smear ASAP to check on everything. She did not give me any more information than that. About 2 weeks ago, I started noticing growths in my vaginal area. Next to my labia, there is a grouping of what seems to be skin tags, but there are tons of them just tightly grouped together in a straight line, kind of looks like a second labia. Then there are a few random ones sporadically, and below my vaginal opening there are like 3 lines of raised skin. There aren't any on my outer genital area or anywhere else on my body. I have another prenatal check-up in 2 weeks, I'm just wondering if I should call sooner to ask about this, or just wait to bring it up at the appointment. I know skin tags can be common during pregnancy, I am just concerned because of cervical cancer history in my family...

Also, if they do end up just being benign skin tags, is there any safe removal method during pregnancy that anyone knows of? There is a lot and it is embarrassing for me.
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replied July 5th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
u may just be maturing, the labia often changes in appearance with pregnancy, child birth
how old r u
good luck and congrats
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replied July 12th, 2011
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