I am through combined pills from 5 months. I usually take them at 11 pm. The 5th month, i started my first pill at 9 am which was monday 5th of november. The second day, i took the pill at 11 pm and i continue the rest of the pack at 11.
I had unprotected sex during that week.
I took a pregnancy test 4 days before expected period it shows negative result. Is that considered accurate? Is their any chance to be pregnant?
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replied November 30th, 2018
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Taking the first pill early and the rest on schedule should not affect the outcome. You were well protected with negligible chance of pregnancy. FYI, some antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of bc pills, so watch out for that in future.

A negative home pregnancy test before your next expected period might not tell true. The hCG hormone builds up at different rates for different women. Anyone who has had unprotected sex during the month and who misses a period along with early pregnancy signs would not be confident of a test result until two weeks late.
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