Hi I need help my last period was on the 18th of August ....i slept with my boyfriend on the 25th and with the other guy on the 31st .. now I am pregnant who could be the father
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replied October 27th, 2018
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Sorry to hear of your dilemma. The standard 28 day cycle has ovulation on day 14, in your case September 1st. The other guy's timing was excellent, and your sex drive would have been high, perhaps contributing to your straying.

Sperm lasts inside for only five days, giving your boyfriend little chance of being the father. If you sometimes have a shorter cycle, that would give the boyfriend a better chance. A paternity test once the baby is born would settle the issue.

You are now 10 weeks pregnant (the count starts with the last period). The due date would be about May 25th. Best of luck!
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