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Pregnancy symptoms years after tubes tied

I am 31 years old, mother of four children, and had my tubes tied almost five years ago. My periods have been recently coming earlier and earlier, but this time it was very light and lasted four days. Normally it's the full seven and the third day is the heaviest. I haven't taken a hpt, for I haven't missed any periods since my tubes were tied. I have been having off and on soreness with my breast, and have been dry heaving for three days straight. I would even start dry heaving getting into my vehicle, and it's hot inside. Is there a possibility I could be pregnant?
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replied June 9th, 2017
Extremely eHealthy
This does not sound like pregnancy, especially with tubes tied. I think you should run an hpt to eliminate that possibility, then see a doc to check for an ovarian cyst or glandular upset.
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