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Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I had a miscarriage on the 18th June 09 my baby died at 6 weeks and I carried her till 10 weeks. It has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I am now ttc again. I got my period for the first time after the miscarriage on the 13th August 09 and it lasted 7 days after that myself and my fiancee had sex every third day. On the 3rd of September I started getting sore breasts and they are still very tender (now 7 days), I am quite tired all the time and I just don't feel myself. However I did a pregnancy test today on day 28 and it came back negative, before miscarriage my periods were always quite irregular and well I never really kept note of them as my first baby (the one I miscarried) was unplanned, but very welcome. Can someone tell me how long I should wait to test again, i.e. what's the longest distance between af? Or could what I am experiencing be ovulation? Can you experience breast tenderness for 7 days and be ovulating?

I know I probably sound naive but this is the first time really trying for a baby. So any input would be welcomed.
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replied September 10th, 2009
me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby, i had my period Aug 2 and my periods always last 3 days...but i woke up on the 28th and i was bleeding? I just bled just that was red at first then went light pink and mucousy...?? Ive took tests like clear blue and first response but they keep saying negative??? im bloated and my lower back hurts, my sides are hurting, i have blue veins all over my sides and one on my stomach and their all over my breasts and breasts dont hurt though, but i do have like 3 lil goosebump things on one breast...Am i pregnant???

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