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pregnancy signs or hymen breaking ?

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Hi all,
I'm extremely scared. I had sex for the first time ten days ago and ever since then I've been feeling bloated, crampy, queasy and urinating too much! The guy I had sex with said that he would withdraw before time and he claims he did but I really don't know, I was soooo numb! Could it possible to feel so bloated and have cramps just after sex? Does that mean I am pregnant? I never bleed when my hymen broke though so could I experience stomach pain still...and would a pregnancy test be able to indicate whether or not I am pregnant just ten days after sex? If I am, I don't know what I am going to do as my fam will probably disown me and I would barely be able to support myself, what should i do? pls help! thanx!
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replied April 10th, 2009 not sure that 10 days after having sex, u would no if u wer preg hun, then again i could be wrong.
Have u missed your preriod? I also dont think a test would show up wether u wer preg or not until u have missed it.Just until yday i taut i was preg,am not though...*sigh of relief*
Also this time last year i did get preg. and my fam are strict catholics, so i had an abortion, i did greive about it, and still think about it every day, but i would not change my decision for the world.
I was still at school and didnt have much money so my boyf and i checked out the internet for options, and found a website that delivers the RU486 pill for just a €70 donation. I was always against abortion till i found myself in this position. So even if u do turn out to be preg, u do have options hun.
Also the withdrwl method is only like 9-15% reliable, speaking from experiance, so i wouldn't rely on that method in the future.
All ya can do is wait for your period date and c what happens hun.
If you turn out to be preg and would like to have a look at dat website lemme no.

Best of luck with everything!
x x x
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