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Pregnancy scare off Pre-cum. On Alesse birth control.

Hi everyone, I am in a steady relationship with my boyfriend, both 18, and are planning on getting married after university. I have now been on Alesse birth control for 3 months, (it will be 4 months in 2 weeks). We had sex with no condoms last night BUT he did not ejaculate inside of me. I keep getting mixed answers for pre-cum and I am extremely confused. I know there was pre-cum, which is why i am worried. I am NOT ready for a baby. He pulled out before ejaculating, we went swimming in a chlorine pool before, he did pee before, took a shower and there was no previous ejaculation in the last 24 hour. So seeing these circumstances, what are my chances of being pregnant ? (oh and I take my pill everyday at the same time, maybe half an hour different time, but still always around the same time) I am extremely paranoid, any help is appreciated. Thank you !!
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replied June 8th, 2012
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As you've taken the pill as directed and been on it more than a month the chances of pregnancy (Even if your boyfriend finished inside you) are something like 1% or a little less.

Yes sometimes precum contains sperm, but if you're protected and taking it as prescribed then the chances of it failing are extremely small.
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