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Pregnancy not progressing

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I'm 22, married been trying to get pregnant since September..I wasn't ovulating. Doctor prescribed clomid to help me ovulate. Last period was Feb 2nd I took the clomid on Feb 4-8th (days 3-7 of period). I didn't think it had worked..because Sun Feb 22 I was in the ER for severe pain in the center of my abdomen, pregnancy test said negative, diagnosis was pain from my bladder problem (intersitial cystitis). Trying to just deal with the pain until I called my gynecologist on Wed for an appointment on Thursday 5th to check to see if the pain was from a possible cyst.
They told me to do a pregnancy test to make sure, I got a positive! i was so suprised, i've never been pregnant before. I did a digital one just to be sure. Went in on Thursday 5th for an ultrasound which showed a cyst on my right ovary, and thickening endometrial tissue. Was instructed to go to the ER if I was one sided pain. I left for florida that Saturday 7th. On Tuesday I went to the ER in florida because of pain on my left side. Transvaginal showed gestatonal/yolk sac...and fetal pole?
No cardiac activity detected, measured for 5 weeks 6 days...

I can only be a maximum of 6 weeks 1 day as of TODAY from what I've done with calculators.

I was to go back in 2 days to asess "viability" and see if heartbeat could be detected. I left florida and was scheduled for this Thursday anyways with a follow up with my gynecologist. OB won't see me until i'm 9 weeks even though i've been there for a pre pregnancy visit and I have heart problems which put me at high risk.

I had some blood yesterday after working 10 hours (standing). When I was watery and bring red. I was concerned so the MD had me come into today for a transvaginal US.

Today showed...that the baby was measuring for 5 weeks 6 days (just like a week ago...????) and the heart rate was only 80.

She said I needed to prepare myself for the worst and that we would do weekly rechecks.

In early pregnancy I've read that 80-85 is normal. I guess whats really worrying her is that the size is not growing...

Could they have measured wrong last week? (it took the girl over an hour for the trasnvaginal portion!)

I'm so confused...Looking for hope.
They said to only come in on Thusdayfor my previously scheduled US if i am bleeding...I think I may go whether or not I either set my mind at ease...or know that something is wrong for sure.

oh HCG levels checked on THur March 5th were 578 and Hospital recheck on Tuesday 10th was 5,774. I was very hopeful due to these numbers.

Thanks in advance.
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replied June 2nd, 2009
yes my wife and i have two children, a son 13years old, and a daughter 7years old. she has been off birth control
now for about three years, but she still cannot get pregnant. please help as to what might be the problem
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