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Pregnancy? i hope it doesn't mess with our future.

Hey everyone,
Ok to start off, my girlfriend and I were fooling around and things were taken a bit to far. I entered her vagina with my penis (barely) for about 10 seconds and we stopped after that. I didn't cum. And I peed and wiped all pre-ejaculate off before hand to be safe. Well today she is a little late for her period( it was supposed to start today and didn't). Should I be really worried? I'm kind of freaking out right now. We made a huge mistake and I really hope it doesn't mess with our future. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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replied March 25th, 2015
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It is very unlikely to cause any pregnancy from what you describe happened. If you wiped off any pre ejaculate and urinated before placing your penis inside her vagina, you should have eliminated all sperm in your precum as long as there was no long delay between when you wiped and urinated and when your penis entered her that would have allowed more pre ejaculate to fill your penis tube.

If you entered her vagina shallow and did not fully insert your penis as deep as possible, then that reduces the chance of depositing any sperm in sufficient numbers or with enough depth inside her to be likely to cause a pregnancy in just 10 seconds of being inside her with no ejaculation.

Women's periods vary frequently and you likely did not impregant her from what you describe here. Just wait and you are probably worrying for nothing.

Next time be sure to use condoms and pack them any time you get near a female, even if you don't expect to have any sex. Once the opportunity for sex is available to most males, it is too hard to say no and wait to drive off to buy condoms at the last minute to play safe. So, once you start to make sperm at any age, buy some condoms and learn how to use them by masturbating with them on and practice several times alone with using them before you are fumbling to read directions and put one on your penis in the dark and when all excited to have sex with a female.
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replied August 2nd, 2015
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also use spermicide...........
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