im 13weeks pregnant! if i had sex march 10,2010 protected but the boy rub his penis on my vagina before protecting himself and i came on my period in da middle of the intercoursement would i have gotting pregnant? or would i have gotting pregnant March 20,2010 when i began to ovulate and had sex unprotected that day? my due date is Dec. 19,2010
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replied June 15th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Myia, First a few questions:

* How was your due date determined?
* How do you know you ovulated March 20?
* Are these the only 2 times you had sex or sexual play in March?

Your due date indicates that your doctor thinks that you ovulated around March 28. That will mean that sex from about March 24 to March 29 could have gotten you pregnant. Depending on how your due date was determined, it can be off by a few days. So it is very possible that you ovulated a bit earlier and you got yourself pregnant with Mr Unprotected on March 20.

It is not normal for a woman to be fertile right before or on her period. Having sex close to your menstruation can also speed it up a bit (hence starting your period during sex), but you should still not be fertile. Rubbing his penis on your vulva is also not really enough to get you pregnant, especially if he did not ejaculate close to your vaginal entrance.

Take care.
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