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pregnancy but i dont want right now

i am 3 weeks pregnant but i dont want right now. what can i do?
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First Helper AmyA

replied September 8th, 2011
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It all depends on what you believe and how you feel about terminations.

Because you're under 9 weeks pregnant, you can go to the doctor and ask for the abortion pill and there are two of them. You take one today and then 72 hours later take the second one which will cause you to lost the pregnancy.

OR you could keep the pregnancy and give it up for adoption to a couple that want a baby but can't have one.

OR you could keep the pregnancy and find once you've seen it on the scan or once you've given birth you fall in love and keep him or her.

Only you can deicde what you want to do and seeing as you've said you don't want it then the first two are options for yourself unless you don't agree with either of them, in which case there isn't much you can do except let nature take its' course and if it's meant to be it's meant to be and if not you'll miscarry (which isn't very nice).
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