Is wanting to be pregnant at 17 wrong??
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replied January 10th, 2017
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Not at all. In more primitive societies marriage and childbearing began not long after menarche and life expectancy was 45 years. If you knew how to cook you were ready to be a wife. That readiness exists in our genes, physically and mentally, to this day. In our developed society lifespans have doubled and getting prepared for a successful life takes longer. We need more education, job experience and financial resources before childbearing is practical.

You get to have a limited number of children. Your life's work is to give them the best possible start. That involves delaying your childbearing impulses until the time is right. Understand that your desire for pregnancy is natural but has to be controlled by rational thoughts. Good luck in the years ahead!
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replied January 11th, 2017
Thank you so much!
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