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pregnancy after kidney transplant

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hi i have had a kidney transplant for 15 years now and i had a boy 5 years ago and i want to have another one now, i have been adviced from doctors askin if i can have another one one said go for it the other said dont its to risky. so i got a prcentage of 70% nothin would happen to me nor the baby but 30% i can end up on dialysis and i can get a premature baby. well just to let you know i do have a little bit of proteins in my urine and its at the lowest level so what do you think should i go for it or not?
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replied April 21st, 2010
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If I was you I would thank God for the first baby....There you have been blessed...I would say not to take a chance of any more damage coming to your body than has already happened...You are lucky...You have a new kidney...Now live and love that baby and smell the roses...I send you my love and hopes for a wonderful and happy life....Take care...

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