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Pregnancy after 3 cesareans

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Are pregnant with 4th child and will be having a 4th caesarian. Notably I will have had 4 children within 5 years. I am concerned about uterine rupture during this pregnancy. Are 17 weeks pregnant and my stomach often feels very uncomfortable...aching and a pressure sensation that sometimes feels like my insides are going to explode. Are unable to bike ride or do anything at all physially demanding due to increased discomfort which becomes painful. My job is very physical too and I work several hours from the nearest hospital which concerns me. Anyone with any experience with pregnancy post 3 caesarians? Does one have to be careful with physical activity/work? Are my symptoms normal? How early before the due date is a 4th caesarian baby normally delivered? Should I be concerned about uterine rupture?
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replied July 21st, 2008
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have you received any prenatal care? what does your doctor say? I know with a previous c-section there is always concern of rupture. I also know a woman who has had 4 children via c-section with no complications. I would suggest asking your doctor about this just to make sure. Professional care is probably the best and most reliable for you.
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