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Pregnacy symptoms after iud removal with. Meh test

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I had my iud removed on the 10th or July had sex (tmi sorry) 2 days later itnis the 9th aug I have yet to have my period and have the nausea certain things make me sick brushing my teeth make me sick, constant headache, boobs are getting larger and lifting, constant cramps in lower right side along with lower and mid back and constantly thirsty and constantly needing to go potty. I've had neg hpt and a meg blood test 2 weeks ago but my body keeps telling me something isn't right. I've read somewhere that others have had this samenprob and they ended up being like 3 months pregnant before they found out... my bf wants me back on bc (had iud removed because it almost killed me) but I'm scared to start anything because what if I am pregnant....
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replied August 11th, 2017
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Your doctor will do a pregnancy test before you get new birth control. And even if you start birth control and you are pregnant, nothing bad will happen. Out of principal and general health concerns, you should not take hormones when you are pregnant. In reality, nothing bad has ever happened when women did. Especially with the modern birth control pills which are low dose pills.

You can also take a pregnancy again to make sure you are not pregnant.

The women that do not realize that they are pregnant are almost always very overweight and obese.
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