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kay, im 15.
i had unprotected sex.
i know it was stupid but im freakin out.
it was my first time and he pulled out.
i got my period the the next day late at night.
i finished my period but i think i have light spotting.
could i be pregnant?
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replied December 30th, 2008
i'm pretty sure your not if you got your period.. (im only 20 and just answering because im on this, not because i'm a doctor and know stuff.. hah) but i would wait til next month to see if you get your period. if your actually going crazy take a pregnancy test to see if you are.. and the pain can be since it was your first time. or the bleeding can be if he popped your cherry.. it can be so many diff things- don't worry so much and if you do def take a preg test and that should obviously tell you.
good luckkk
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