I've had sex without a condom a few times with my boyfriend recently , he's never ejaculated inside of me but I am still worried. After having sex today a little bit of blood was on my underwear, I am a little bit worried as i also have been getting pains on the right side of my stomach near my bladder. My period will be due in around a weeks time, what should i do for now?
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replied May 9th, 2019
Extremely eHealthy
Worst case scenario that could be implantation spotting. Plan to run a home pregnancy test if your period shows up missing or light. Please buy your own condoms and insist on their use in future. For extra safety you can separately back the condom up with vaginal spermicide. Pull out sex alone is not reliable.

You might want to download a period tracker app to better understand your most fertile days. Best of luck!
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