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preg symptoms, iud, mucous and bitta blood

I had a merina iud put in back in march, i had a baby 12 weeks earlier. i hadnt had a period at that stage but i bleed for about 2 days then stopped for 2 weeks then started again bleeding for about a month then after that nothing, i thought it was great!!!!! Well at the end of august i started getting pregnancy symptoms, extreme fatiuge and even nausous and dizzy spell, i cud have sworn i was preggas, did 2 tests over a few weeks and negative., the symptoms subsided a bit then a few days ago i had a funny feeling, was like i cud feel my merina inside me, like it was digging into me.i then started very slight thin bleeding, its quite red and i felt like it was my period but itgets quite mucousy aswell, only need to wear a liner. Is this just a period? and the iud making it weird or is it something else?
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replied October 7th, 2011
I know that mirena causes your cervix to create a mucus plug similar to pregnancy to help stop sperm from reaching the uterus. You should go to see your Dr. Post back so we know what's wrong. Good luck.
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