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Prednisone with Colchicine ?

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The doctor prescribe this to me, he said is ok.. but a have my doubts.. can i take both together?
thank you
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replied July 27th, 2008
Yes---you can absolutely take them together. I had the same question, and my doctor (who is great) told me frankly, "I would not have prescribed them to you if they were unsafe to take together." Point taken. Wink

What mg of Predisone do you have? I used to get the "pack", but those had little affect as you have to "ramp up" for them. He gave me 25 mg, and told me to take three the first day, and two per day until the pain subsides (which usually goes away the first day).

The key is to take them the SECOND you feel the pain. I take one Predisone the second I feel it, along with a Cochacine. I will take one Colchacine each hour until the pain subsides---and will take another Predisone about eight hours later.

Once I felt some pain about 1:00 am, but was too lazy to get out of bed to take my "gout pills." By the time I woke up (about 6:00 am), I was having a full-blown attack and it took a few days to get rid of it. Lesson learned----now I keep a few in my dresser drawer.
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