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Precum+Plan B chances

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Hi, I had sex with my bf two weeks ago (but 5 seconds after we snapped out of it, and it wasn't all the way in), and he might have shed some precum. I think I had ovulated a few days ago, but I can't really tell, and that is killing me. We got Plan B (or just levonorgestrel, really; I'm not from the US) about 26-30 hours after the incident. Almost two weeks after (happened April 6 and today is April 1Cool and I really have no distinct physical symptoms of pregnancy (nausea, really sore boobs or a huge need to pee), just some PMS, like cramping or really mild and sporadic tenderness in boobs, and cm is dry (as always before period). I've eaten parsley, ginger, rosemary, loads of Vitamin C today, and played soccer a week ago. My cycle tends to be regular, but it is long (minimum 30 days normally) and can get longer. I even skipped one once but I don't remember why. Yet, my period should've arrived last friday if I were to have 29 day-cycle. I know the delay is very little, and that levonorgestrel might wreck your cycle, but I am freaking out, and have been for these two weeks (I have eaten almost nothing and cry everyday, my mood swing is terrible), and this might affect my period too.
Sorry for the long post, but my question is, given all the above variables, do I have real chances of getting pregnant? My bf is a heavy smoker and I myself am surrounded by heavy smokers everyday, and I read this affects fertility. I will test anyhow if my period doesn't come around by friday.
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replied April 21st, 2017
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Terezana, emergency contraception messes with the timing of your next period. I think you are safe. Just wait it out and run a couple of pregnancy tests at one week intervals to relieve the stress.
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