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Precum and maintaining an erection

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Hello all,
I posted a reply in another thread but I wanted to start a topic more specific to what I'm experiencing.

I'm having trouble maintaining an erection during sex and/or masturbation. I have no problem getting an erection. However, I either tire out frequently OR I've noticed that, once the precum flows out, I'll lose the erection completely.

I went to a urologist last year and he was of no help whatsoever. He said he'd never heard of anything like that happening and gave me some freebie Cialis to use. The Cialis was about as useful as he was. I do not believe this is a psychological problem because when I'm at home alone and masturbate the exact same thing happens as when I'm making out with a girl...erection, precum, flaccid. Any ideas?
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First Helper misterkennedy

replied August 4th, 2011
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I'm 39, probably masturbate 4 times a week, and I smoke and drink coffee. I didn't really have this problem in my late 20s.
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replied August 17th, 2011
Just so you don't feel alone, I've been going through this since I was a teenager. My precum is so excessive that many girls thought I ejaculated in my pants during make out sessions but it was all leakage and no orgasm. I can get an erection just fine and I wake up with them. As soon as my penis starts leaking abundant precum, the erection weakens and then goes flaccid. Even during masturbation, I will be firm but begin to lose my erection once the precum starts.

Viagra helps and I've had a prescription since I was 26. While there is shame for having to take a pill marketed towards senior citizens, thanks to Viagra, I'm able to have an active sex life with my partner, with us having fun at least 5 times a week. The precum is still a problem, and I can still go soft with too much precum leakage, but the erection is firmer with just 12 to 25 mg of the blue pill.

No doctor has ever diagnosed me or helped with anything. I'm sometimes amazed by their lack of understanding or knowledge. They just want to write the script and send you on your way. Meanwhile, I was always alarmed as to why I was unable to have intercourse successfully until I was 23 because of this issue and why I've relied on Viagra for good sex since the age of 26. If I attempt to have sex without Viagra, or before the Viagra really kicks in, the erection is weak and I ejaculate within a minute or two.

I've read that these symptoms may be from over masturbating as a teen and young adult. That is possible in my case. It could be hormonal imbalances from sexual exhaustion or a sympathetic nerve issue. Herbal remedies are marketed and I've dabbled but nothing works as well as Viagra.
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