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Pre-puberty pennis size at adult age

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I am a 22 year old guy but my flaccid(soft) pennis size still looks like that of a pre-puberty stage (about 1.5 inches in lenght and 2 inches in thickness). Although when erect i can measure up to 5.5 inches. I dont know the cause of this but am so embarrassed to let my new girl friend find out as i dont know what her reaction will be. Am so scared she may want to leave me. Somebody please help me out
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First Helper nww

replied February 8th, 2012
Community Volunteer
Nothing much anyone can say to make it bigger.

All men are different, some have small Flaccid like
yourself and have an average penis, some large flaccid
but does not get any bigger when erect.
Some even smaller than you but have an above average penis.
I can only recommend you get aroused a bit before
she sees you for the first time naked and it may not
look as bad as you make it out to be.

If a female chooses someone because of the size I think
you are better off finding someone else.
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replied February 9th, 2012
Thanx nww for your help, i think i will go with that suggestion -Perhaps the first impression thing and hopes she will care less too.
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