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pre-menopausal and vaginal odour

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hi i have read so many posts as regards vaginal odour (onion smell) and i too suffer from the same problem.
i noticed it was prominent just before the end of my period and blamed tampons of which i changed regular.
I have not had a period now for 3 months and 48 yrs old and this smell is constant and embarassing.
i have discussed this with my family doctor and there is no itching, but a white discharge and my urine very strong but no infection.
My strong urine is a side effect with my medication of fentanyl patches.
I refuse to wear undies as years ago i suffered thrush before and after my period and found this cured the problem so strictly
ive tried most remedies the others have tried and my doctor does,nt think there is a problem.
I wonder if my pre-menopause is the culprit and if so i wonder why my no one has mentioned it. Due to my back pain and not been in a personal relationship for 2 yrs i also know its not sexually related.
IF i visit friends or i have visitors i have to spray the toilet after i have urinated because of the strong urine and the smell of my vaginal area.
Im aware this is not a new question as such but there must be an answer?
Thankyou and i will press my doctor here in united kingom again.
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First Helper queenbee123

replied May 11th, 2009
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Drink cranberry juice every day and this should eliminate it...Once I actually smelled like a sewer...Took care of it right away...Now I smell like a rose... Very Happy

Your medication could also have a bearing on this...I think the cranberry juice will help....

Take care,
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replied July 17th, 2009
Vaginal Odor
Thanks a million. I had hysterectomy 2 years ago. I am not sexual active for 3 years. I have no itching or discharge or foul urine smell. Just sewage smell that lasts all day about 2 hours after showering. My GYN didn;t see a problem.
Thanks for the cranberry juice. I can smell my self sitting at my desk at work so I am worrying if others are?
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