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Pre-Existing Condition -- Finding Coverage

While employed by the US government in 2008, I sustained a shoulder injury. While not serious, it will eventually require surgery (torn labrum). This treatment is FULLY COVERED by FECA. THEY WILL PAY FOR EVERYTHING When I ended my employment with the US government, I went to work in South Korea, where they have a public health insurance system and I did not have to purchase private insurance. I am now back in the US. I plan to have the surgery in late 2010.

The problem: applying for private health insurance (I do not have employment with benefits), I am being told that no one will accept me because I have this condition, even though the condition IS BEING COVERED by the US government. I am being directed to my state''s public insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, but this coverage costs over 3 times the cost of private insurance. Is there anything I can do? How can/should they deny me coverage? I am beyond healthy, with the small exception of this shoulder injury, but they would never have to pay any of that! I don''t understand.
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replied May 10th, 2010
What state do you live in. Usually most health insurances in Michigan will not cover your pre-existing illnesses, but a shoulder injury is a minor problem. I cannot believe you are having such a hard time finding health insurance. Usually you will be denied by health insurance companies if you have serious problems such as heart disease, kidney problems, cancer, but a shoulder injury, that is absurd. In any policy they could put in a stipulation they will not cover the shoulder injury, and if you are healthy otherwise your insurance premiums should not cost anymore than anyones else your age. How many health insurance agencies have you actually dealt with that are telling you this. Also ask your employer if they offer health insurance that you purchase yourself but through the company name. Research this on the internet, pull up health insurance in your state. You can find websites that offer health insurance, many of them will show you different companies, the cost, what the plan covers, co-pays, deductables, offer how much you want to be insured over your lifetime such as 2 million. This is the best help I can give you right now. Also you may want to go on a HMO plan which are much cheaper. This is where you have a primary care giver, and you must get their approval to see a specialist but it is so much less expensive. Their are so many options, so keep searching. Give me your state and I will see what I can find out.
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