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Pre-Ejaculate Questions/Concerns

I know that pre-ejaculate can contain sperm from a recent ejaculation and impregnate a woman, specifically during actual intercourse; however, my concern lies with pre-ejaculation on a hand that touches the exterior of a woman's genitals (near the pubic hair area). This may have happened to me, but if it did, the possible sperm would have been left over from an ejaculation that happened the night before...that would be 9 + hours before. He also urinated once. Is there much of a risk for pregnancy there?

In addition to this, I have an interesting question that goes along with my other one. The night he "ejaculated," I did not notice any semen. He obviously orgasmed because I felt the contractions in my hand that are unique to him having an orgasm. There was no semen though. This happens to him very rarely, and I read that it is called retrograde ejaculation, which is when the semen travels back into the bladder instead of out of the urethra and mixes with the urine in the badder. He acts very confused in these instances and asks me, "Did I...?" I am a little confused by this as well. If this was what indeed happened to him, would this pose a higher risk for there to be sperm in the pre-ejaculate from his new erection the next day or a lower risk? Would the fact that the sperm was mixed with his urine and was flushed out when he urinated prevent there being sperm in his pre-ejaculate over 9 hours later? I am concerned here.
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replied July 12th, 2009
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This sounds a lot like something I answered here: and-any-chance-t191410-a1.html.
If that wasn't you it's pretty much the same answer, no pregnancy risk.

Retrograde ejaculation is pretty rare. Most men don't experience it outside of CBT. As long as you're not restricting his ejaculation it's probably not Retrograde Ejaculation. If he's not certain that he came and he's not completely wasted I'm going to say he didn't cum. Orgasm isn't something that men do without noticing.

Even if he had a retrograde orgasm the ammonia in urine is toxic and sperm would die off in the bladder in a maybe an hour at the most. There's a much more sperm naturally in pre-ejaculate from the semen that remains in the Vas Deferens and urethra from prior ejaculation. If he urinated between the time he last ejaculated and the time you came in contact with his precum that urine would also have killed off a lot of sperm.
On the topic of toxins, if your hands weren't sterile when they touched his pre-cum you also killed a few sperm with your natural bacteria, any citric acid, ammonia or other mild toxins that may have been on your hands.

Its really tough to conceive even when it's done right. It's almost impossible to do through accidental contact.
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