How yall doing. Im seriously like worried to death right now. Me and this girl had sex about a week ago. It was my first time having sex. Well we didnt have no condoms plus she is allergic to them. Well i was hella nervous and didnt think i was gonna last long so i went in the bathroom and masturbated.So then i came out and we procceded to have sex and i pre came in her.After that i was freaked out and scared that should could get pregnant.And i cant have that because im only 16 and im still a kid myself. Ill be a kid forever but anyway kids shouldnt be raising kids. So i had bought the plan b pill and she took it about 48 hours later. After taking it a few days later she said her stomachs been hurting and like having cramps. And my sister told me her friend before had cramps after having sex and was pregnant. So im really scared right now. Im freaked out and just want some answers or some help. I know she told me her periods due around the 15th. Im not sure about her period times or cycles i dont get into those things. I know im not having sex for a long time because i dont want to have to deal with this no more. But do you think she could be pregant? Should i be worried?

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replied August 8th, 2008
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Your girlfriend would not be cramping from any pregnancy a few days after sex. It is more likely a symptom of the Plan B that she took.

If you read the Plan B insert, you might be relieved (or not) to know that her period is going to be weird for up to 3 months after taking it. Plan B is hormonal and affects a woman's normal cycle. She may bleed early, or late. No one can tell you how her body will react.

You did the right thing in your case by getting Plan B. Although I would still advocate the use of condoms. There are non-latex brands of condoms if your girlfriend is allergic to latex.

If your girlfriend's period is late, and expect that it will be, have her take a pregnancy test. They offer them for FREE at Planned Parenthood clinics (along with birth control advice, birth control pills, condoms, Plan B, pregnancy counseling, etc).
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