I had a query on pregnancy a couple of days back and below I have pasted teh reply i received. Had one more doubt.

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Pregnancy does not result unless sperms come in contact with egg and fertilize it. If the semen or pre-cum did not enter vagina, chances of pregnancy are less. The chances of pregnancy also depend upon the fertile period or ovulation time (time of egg release from ovary) in the girl. If the semen or pre-cum entered when egg was present in her body, then chances of pregnancy resulting is high.
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I was not aware about the effects of pre-cum and hence the question.
Like i mentioned in my initial query, there was no insertion, but there was some amount of pre-cum though if at some point it seemed like an insertion was about to happen, we immediately backed out. For pregnancy to happen, the pre-cum or semen should be deposited inside the vagina right and not just rubbing on her clitoris? Please respond. Thanks.
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replied November 15th, 2010
There is a small chance that pre-cum could enter the vagina from the external labia/skin and cause pregnancy, however this is very small and VERY unlikely.

Think about it... there are significantly less sperm in pre-cum, and the sperm would have a significantly increased chance of death at being deposited outside of the vagina, for several reasons... distance, bacteria, temperature...etc., when they already have a significant chance of death from pH of fluids, antibodies from the immune system, and death from the mere time of that long-distance travel to the ova from inside the vagina.
See... it is VERY VERY unlikely.

If you are VERY concerned about pregnancy be sure to use contraceptives in the future, however she can still use a plan B or i pill just in case.

Be sure also to have the girl take a pregnancy test a few weeks from now, and if still concerned re-test a few weeks from then.

Good luck. Play safe.
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