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power lifter having labored Breathing problems

So I recently started having labored breathing that gets worse with any activity even talking. Back story, a year ago I lost 150lb down to 260. Became a power lifter for the past year, train reguraley and go to competitions (nothing illegal)Hit my head 3 weeks ago started having breathing issues 2.5 weeks ago. Normal doctor thinks its unrelated. I dont smoke, head ct was clean, chest x ray was clean, blood work inclusing white and red blood cell was good, blood oxygen 98%, blood pressure 120/60, pulse 80. When I hit my head I lost some blood, had the concussion, but never lost consciousness. Lungs sound fine also. I have never felt like this, almost like im struggling for each breath. The only time its easy to breathe is in very cold enviorments. I have an upcoming pulmonary function test. No one has any clue what's wrong with me though. Please any advice is great.
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replied September 4th, 2014
Also no pain or tightness in the chest arms or jaw
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