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Pounding in head

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My grandma is 65 years old. She has been having a pounding in her head for almost a year now. She says it gets worse when she's laying down at night trying to sleep.
She's been to the ear nose and throat doctor, had an MRI of her head, and been to numerous doctors. They have all told her they don't know what's wrong. doctor
The MRI came out clear and the ear nose and throat doctor's examination came out normal.
I have a suspicion what could be causing it, but I'm not a doctor.... so i am asking you all for help. scared
Someone, anyone, if you know what could be wrong with her please help me. Confused
She's been a smoker since she was a teenager. She smokes about 2 packs a day on average. I'm afraid she's going to kill herself with it. She's lived this long with it, and I'm so glad God has blessed us with her presence. But i want her to quit!
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replied November 26th, 2010
Banging in head unrelated to heart beat and not a headache.
I live with an 84 year old lady who has banging or pounding in her head but it has nothing to do with her heart beat. It is irratic and like your grandmother, she has been to drs who have run MRIs and can't find anything wrong with her. She stated today that when she turns her eyes with her eyes closed to the left she hears a bang and when turning her eyes back it stopped. No one can figure it out but she says it gets so loud some days she can hardly stand it. Can anyone help her?
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