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Potential Risk of HIV ?

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I had sex with this woman with a condom on. The only thing that is worrying me is it almost came off. When i pulled my penis out of her vagina, the condom was only covering just over an inch of my penis which covered all the 'head'(i think the medical term is glans or tip) and some of its body(shaft). When i realised this, i pulled it back down correctly. If the person had hiv, would I be at more risk than if the condom was fully on during the full duration or is it the same risk as the condom was protecting the penis head(glans). Im also a bit paranoid whether the condom came of during having sex and then came back on - is this likley? Im not saying the girl had anything but she may have which is bugging me. Please get back to me asap!
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replied May 13th, 2009
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It is almost imposable for the condom to come off and then return to the penis.I would say imposable.Also,if the head was covered then I think your OK. If you cant stop the worry then get tested but i think the chances are practically non existent.
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