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Potential HIV exposure. What are my chances.

Hello - thank you in advance for reading my post. This past weekend I had a few too many and hooked up with a male on line. Of course he said he was negative. He offered me a condom that I unwrapped myself. He was bilingual and I believe or imagined that he said they were Lambskin. Since I'm in a committed relationship and strayed I was already feeling guiltjy. He gave me a Bj while I wore the condominium on only a few time. And then with the condom fully on I inserted and thrusted only a few times. The experience was too much for me as I have not had sex in while. I ejaculated in the condom outside of him. . Of course I feel guilty since I've strayed but my anxiety comes from what I read that Lambskin condoms do not prevent HIV transmission or other STDs. Why I'm also concerned is that the tip of my penis is/was read from grinding at a gay strip club. Jeans/underwear etc. I'm confirmed HSV2. Please help. How worried should I be. I can't focus at work and my penis feels sore and red. afraid to fall asleep due to be able possible night sweats
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replied July 19th, 2016
Please can someone read my post and give me some advice! Please!
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