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Potassium and Phosphorous

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Can i get a list of Fruits and Vegetables with Values of Potassium and Phosphorous; i am concerned in relation to Kidney Patient.
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replied June 29th, 2010
high potassium foods:
- apricots
- bananas
- dates
- figs
- kiwi
- melon
- nectarine
- orange
- pear
- prunes or prune juice
- asparagus
- avocado
- beet greens
- beets
- brussel sprouts
- celery
- chard
- chinese cabbage
- mushrooms
- pumpkin
- spinach
- tomato juice or tomato
-vegetable juice cocktail
- white and sweet potato
- winter squash
- bran
- chocolate
- coconut
- coffee
- dried beans and peas
- dried fruits and vegetables (have more potassium)
- granola
- milk
- mosasses
- peanut butter and nuts
- potato chips
- some salt substitutes
- seeds

High phosphorus foods:
- cottage cheese
- cream soups
- eggnog
- hot cocoa
- ice cream
- milk
- milk shakes
- pudding
- yogurt
- asparagus
- beer
- brussel sprouts
- cheese
- chocolate
- cola drinks
- corn
- dried or baked beans
- mushrooms
- nuts and seeds
- organ meats
- pancake/waffle/biscuit mixes
- peanut butter
- sardines
- spinach
- split, green and snow peas
- sweet potato
- whole grain and bran cereals

Hope this helps! Also, is this kidney patient on dialysis? If so, is he/she seeing a registered dietitian at dialysis? A dietitian who works with dialysis patients would be very helpful with this sort of information.
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replied June 29th, 2010
Thanks.. yeah he is a Dialysis Patient.. unfortunately there no Dietitian available at the Dialysis Center.. Thank you again..
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