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Postpartum depression She mentioned about "dying"

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Hi everyone.

My wife is 29 years old, she had a baby 5 months ago. The last 2 weeks she begun acting differently. She fells fat and ugly, cries a lot and she does not want to go out anymore. She does not even have the mood nor want to clean the house, do the dishes and other housework and I do it all when I come home after work. I don't mind helping her with that, actually like helping her with what I can in order to spare her but I do not much about housework. This in not the main problem. She mentioned about "dying" 2 day ago. That got me a lot worried. I have done some research and discovered that women body slightly gets back to what it was from 6 to 18 months or so. Some female friends of ours who had babies earlier with normal delivery (2 or 3 months ago) are thinner than her I admit but my wife has chosen C-section. We talked about this and she refuses to accept that. She used to weight 62 or 63 kg before the baby. She reached 86 kg along the pregnancy. Now she weights 74kg. I had no idea of what could it be until I saw something on TV mentioning "Postpartum depression". I bought her some make up stuff which she loves but she continued upset. I even took her to the shopping to buy some clothes but she seemed said. I insisted walking and window-shopping and then she decided to buy some clothes. That's where she felt better and started smiling again. Today she is a lot better but, I may take her to the doctor anyway. However, I want to do more than taking her to the doctor, but I don't know what exactly. We just bought a wardrobe and this one has 2 full body mirrors, coincidentally 2 weeks ago. The idea of the mirrors was to help her dress and with the makeup thing, but now, after getting in front of the mirrors she cries a lot. What would you do if you were me? Any hints?

Thank you very much.

Leonardo Menezes
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replied April 10th, 2012
her diabetes or thyroid levels must have gone up ..
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