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Postmenopausal dark gelatin blood discharge

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I been post menopausal for a few years, I have had spotting before, even went to ER and found nothing on ultrasound, Went to my gyn about it everytime it occured.

Every year when I have my pap and vaginal ultrasound is done to watch these two cysts I have now. The cyst occured when I had gotten a cortisone shot and then slight bleeding.

I been doing pretty good for 2 years, still had the ultrasound done and pap this past jan everything okay. Gyn said one can have breakthrough bleeding after menopause

NOW, this July while on vacation and doing alot of walking I had a dark gelatin bloody discharge, that was it nothing else.

I didnt rush to my gyn but had a reg dr appt yesterday and told her about it. She was alarmed and said I should never have any bleeding being post menopausal. So had to get an ultra sound done yesterday, I am headed to the hosp this afternoon to get the results myself since the dr doesnt get back to you right aw away.

Guess I am scared thinking I have had cancer all this time and didnt know it. My gyn said if you have cancer it would be heavy bleeding, While reg dr disagrees,

I dont know who to trust or what to do.
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replied September 2nd, 2010
I went and got my ultrasound results my lining is 8mm, so I went by my gyn office and got the results from Dec and the results said 8mm Then I went and got the ultrasounds from 2007, same obgyn and the lining was 4mm
Going to find another gyn
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