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posted on this site 5 yrs ago, everything is different now

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This post could become a wall of text, but I'll try and keep it short.

Around 5 years ago I posted on this forum about some "love struggle" I was having back then. I posted it and put it out of my mind. A couple years ago I checked in and it had many replies, but I again forgot about it shortly after. Tonight somebody found my facebook and sent me a message about it, telling me the story had touched them and wanted to know if I was alright. Faith in humanity, there you are!

The story that I posted feels like a lifetime ago, and it's amazing to me how often life can just feel new every couple of years.

Sometimes when I do something really dumb or embarrassing I will tell myself that nobody will remember about it in a week. It's reflective of another thought I have that seems to save my life, which is "This is only temporary and will soon pass".
These words have rung out extremely true for me tonight having been brought back to this old text post that I posted on this site 5 years ago. Everything is different now, and no matter how bad things get it always passes soon after.

If you're having trouble with things like depression, I urge you to really start believing that things are temporary and it will pass. Even if something else turns up, that will also pass. It's these little battles that make you stronger. Be proud of every day that you beat the chemicals in your brain telling you to give up. It will pass.
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replied February 15th, 2016
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Oh hi. thanks for coming by again with that.
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