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post traumatic brain injury with poor circulation

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My brother sustained a closed brain injury 3 years ago. He has been moved numerous times primarily because of the aggression from the frontal lobe shearing. So, unfortunately, his medical care has lacked continuity.
Since last fall, "Mike" has become more bed-fast. His insurance no longer provides for physical therapy. So the problem is this: he has had a steady increase in pain in his feet bilaterally, dependent cyanosis on sitting and standing, his pulses are difficult to palpate and there is 3-4 second blanching. In addition, the ends of his toes turn bright pink. He is also having a more difficult time walking.
The nursing home physician believes that it is do to the brain injury and chooses not to address the situation. He is on multiple medications. Calling for a list of these would not be a problem as I am his guardian.
His podiatrist is willing to order doppler studies, but wants to know if I want arterial or vascular. What is your opinion?
I have a BSN and this gives me a great deal of concern.
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replied June 10th, 2009
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Pain in feet or toe when not walking is a symptom of progressive peripheral arterial disease (narrow or blocked arteries, mainly in legs).
Absent or weak pulses at the groin, behind the knee, on the inner ankle, and on the top of the foot, indicates obstruction of blood flow through the certain arteries.
Another signs of this condition are blue or purple marks on the legs, feet, or toes; feet that turn red when dangled, and feet and toes that become pale from exercise or when elevated.
His legs may feel cold, with dry skin, and loss of hair.
Arterial and vascular Doppler ultrasound means the same, since vascular in translation is "related to blood vessels".
Probably, your question was if to chose arterial or venous (related to veins) Doppler.
My personal opinion is to chose arterial Doppler ultrasound.

Best wishes for you and your brother!
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