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Post tonsillectomy recovery in teens

I am a 15 year old male 6ft2 and 17 stone.

I had the operation on the 5th April 2012, I had a pretty long recovery time as I had some complications along the way.

Day 1 (op day) I woke up after the operation and was brought up to my room, didnt feel any pain at all as they had my throat all numb. i didnt really eat much in the hospital, i had a couple of blackcurrent cartons and a about a mouthful of scrambled egg.. i was very tired so i found it easy to sleep

Day 2, as soon as i got home i was on the sofa, head elevated and a glass of water by my side (MAKE SURE YOU KEEP HYDRATED IT HURT MORE WHEN MY THROAT WAS DRY.) i also chewed gum all day! i will come onto that more later. i kept quiet all day and just watched tv. i took my medicine every 4 hours to keep the pain down, i hate taking tablets so i took dissolvable tablets in water, it was a lot of liquid but trust me just take the medication it makes it so much less painful! i took normal painkillers, an anti-anflammitry and an extra strong painkiller. the pain out of 10 today was probably about a 3..

Day 3 pretty much the same as day 2, keep hydrated and keep taking your tablets and chew gum!!!

that night.. the pain at night is horrible!! i would wake up at about 4am in absolute agony, i took my extra strong pain killers and went back to sleep. this was the same every night for about a week!!

day 4 and 5. the pain has increased today but i just keep doing this same i started to eat a tiny bit more today i would have to take food with my tablets so i ate very soft toast when i ate it, (god toast makes me feel sick now!!)

day 6,7,8. my god.. the pain was terrible i was still chewing gum and drinking all the time it is very important, i cannot stress it enough!!!

day 9,10,11 the pain started to die down.. i was off the medication it was going all fine untill...

day 12. it was about 6pm at night and i felt my throat filling up, i spat into a tissue and there was blood, obviously i was terrified but i believe it was just my scab coming off. i did not feel any pain at this point but the fact i was spitting up blood made for it.. i swallowed a lot aswell!

day 13,14 i kept occasionally spitting up blood but i thought it was just normal so i just rested and drank water etc etc...

day 15. i thought okay this has gone on long enough.. so i thought i'd take my dog out for a little walk. i instantly started bleeding as soon as i got 15 steps... i rushed back coughing and gagging along the way i got in and puked blood into a bowl.. yep i PUKED blood... i was scared for my life, my parents didnt believe that this was an appropriate time to go to A&E well believe me it is!! after about 30 minutes of me keep spitting up blood they decided it would finally be the time to let me go, i got there and they saw me relatively quick. the doctor asked me questions while i spat into a cardboard bowl he then arranged for me to go to a room where they took a blood test and i waited.. well, while i was waiting i puked up about half a litre of blood with blood clots floating on top. they arranged an ambulence for me as i was a minor so i had to be transported to a childrens hospital, i got in and was seen by a man called ugene he sprayed some stuff into my throat so freeze the arteries or something along them lines, he then told me i had high levels of infection so i spent the night at the hospital and the whole next day, while i was in hospital i suffered with black diareah and did for several days. I was prescribed anti-biotics for a week and they sent me on my way. i took it easy for another week and experienced no more bleeding.

it is now tthe 17th of may so about a month and 2 weeks later. my throat did feel weird for a little while longer but that goes eventually, i am now back to my excersise and school work!

If you have any questions feel free to ask as i think i have probably missed something out and i might be able to help you!


oh and the chewing gum is to keep your mouth produce saliva and keep it moist!! Smile
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