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Post-prostatectomy burning pain and/or phantom drip when walking

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I'm seven months post-op from a robotic RP. I've been off diapers and pads for almost four months but do occasionally leak a few drops, especially after urinating.

My problems is this: after walking or standing for a period of time--30-60 minutes is typical--I slowly develop a burning pain in the tip of my penis. That burning is sometimes accompanied by very slow leaking (maybe a drop every minute or two) but sometimes I have what I call a "phantom drip"--it feels like there's a drop of urine hanging from the tip of my penis but there's no moisture there at all. That feeling lasts until I sit down, at which time I might leak a few drops but might not leak at all.

I just about always have burning during urination, too. That burning typically lingers for a few minutes after urination.

Infection has been ruled out. The doctors are puzzled. My urine pH typically runs around 5.5-6.0 (apparently due to my taking the PPI drug Aciphex) but the doctors don't think that low pH is a factor.

I'm looking for others who have/had similar symptoms and perhaps found a solution.
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replied November 28th, 2013
Phantom pain after prostate gland operation
Ur question was submitted for 2 years back but i m replying if u still have problems.
i am a General medical practiotioner in Norway.I recently had a patient with same problem after prostectomy because of prostate cancer. Urologist told that this is Phantom pain after operation. But i suggested before urologisk conclusion to take amoxicillin antibiotic 500 mg 1x3 for 10 days. The urologist was absolutely noe agree with that but my patient insisted on using this Amoxcillin cure for 10 days and he has no more phantom pains in penis.
I cant guarantee if it will help u but u can atleast try. My patient didnt either had any bacterial growth in urine test.
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