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Post polio leg brace adaptations

can anyone advise me?
I have been using two full length callipers ( KAFO's) most of my adult life due to the late affects of polio.
I was also born with bilateral club feet.
Over the past few years I have had progressive muscle weakening in my legs that has gradually moved up to my hips now.
This has meant that my feet now turn in far more than they used to resulting in my feet hitting each other when walking.
My Orthotist has recommended that I have a waistband fitted to my KAFO's, to hold my feet straight.
I feel that it may restrict my overall mobility to such a degree that it is worse than I currently have.
Has anyone here progressed from using KAFO's to having a waistband fitted (HKAFO)?
And if so what was the result?

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replied August 11th, 2015
No, I haven't, but I feel that this just might help you. I have worn a long-leg brace (metal with plastic parts) for over 63 years. In that time, I have worn just about every configuration there is in a brace. My right leg is affected (full paralysis) and my left foot is affected. I wore a waistbelt as a child, which was connected to the (braces) and, while slowing me down as a child, it did help me to stand straighter and learn to walk again. I think you should, at least, try it.
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