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post pain after lithotripsy

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yesterday 05-03-2010 i had lithotripsy done in the right kidney. Now i am having pain in the right hip and proceeds towards my right leg. also i have pain in the lower ureter. though i am not taking any pain killer, somethimes the pain is unbearable. how long this pain will exist?.
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replied March 8th, 2010
I have had this procedure done many times--again just 3 weeks ago. Pain is normal because the stone fragments are moving, which is painful. Your kidneys could be somewhat bruised/tender from the laser as well. I feel it in my kidneys, ureters, and bladder. After 3 weeks I am still passing fragments so have intermittent pain. Your doctor should have prescribed a pain med for you to take for the first few days at least. I've not experienced hip pain but would imagine it's from everything around that part being tramautized by the procedure,or maybe from laying on the hard operating table and your spine got misaligned.?? Pink tinged urine and pain are to expected for a few days. Good luck!!
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