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Post-op Tibia simple cyst bone graft leaking

8 weeks post-op, having a simple bone cyst in my right tibia drained, and filled with artificial bone chips. Incision is on the right of my tibia to the right of the knee cap, on an angle.4 weeks off work, started physio, things were getting looser and feeling better. The incision site had always been swollen, along with the rest of my knee. Both types of swelling, under the knee cap and on the surface. This area around the incision site is still quite swollen, "gushy" almost. The physiotherapist says its inflammation, and I use heat and stretches, also ultrasound therapy to get the swelling down. Review of my Stay shows some of the "bone graft" has leaked from the cavity. The so thought swelling is the artificial bone chips. The surgeon believes it should be fine given these look to be occupying a space that would not interfere with moving my leg. It feels bad, it looks bad. Eventually will these form a hard bone? It seems to be getting bigger. I do feel pain, and pressure. I still cant kneel, dance, tread water. Flexibility is back to 80%
worried about this free floating bone chips
should i go talk to another surgeon, or even family doc
cant these just be removed? Aspirated?
wouldn't it be more harm to leave this now?

what about the cyst itself, will it stay filled, like the surgeon said it was. And closing in, forming the real bone, OR

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replied March 22nd, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Sorry about your problems.

It is uncommon for an adult to have a unicameral bone cyst (simple bone cyst), they are most common in growing children. But, they do rarely occur in adults. In children, usually they are not treated, unless they are big enough to be a danger for fracture. Then, they are usually just aspirated, and maybe instilled with steroids.

But, as to the bone chips in your soft tissues, most of the time, the body will just resorb them. It is possible that they could just be walled off by the body, and be there forever.

It is possible to form "bone" within the fascial planes of muscles, but it is usually due to signifant trauma to the muscle (significant contusion with the formation of a hematoma). This is called myositis ossificans traumatica. But, even when this occurs (most commonly nowadays in athletes), once the bone is mature, it is usually is just left alone. Because to do further trauma by trying to remove it, usually just makes it worse.

But, for your own piece of mind, get a second opinion. It cannot hurt.

You should keep some compression on the wound, to try to prevent as much soft tissue edema form forming as you can. This will help with wound healing. Elevation will also help.

Good luck.
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