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Post Op Pain Years Later

I am a 30 y/o female who had to get reconstructive open joint surgery back in 2000 to help with my TMD. From what I was told, I had one of the worst cases that was ever heard of or seen by many of the specialists that looked at my files. Well, my surgery was a success and I went from being on a lot of pain killers per day and in the hospital for shots of Demerol about once a week to not really having any pain, except an occasional tiredness or wake up with it sore, things to be expected. About a month and a half ago, I went in to get a deep cleaning at the dentist office, and I have had dental work done since the surgery with no problems, but this time I came out not being able to open my mouth. Once again, I was in excruciating pain which last just under a week. I went back in to finish the second part of the cleaning a couple of weeks later and asked for a bite block, came out with the pain again, lasted about a week, went away for two days, then came back. This pain has gradually gotten worse since then and has gone from frequently throughout the day, to half the day, now to where it hurts all day and night. It gets worse as time goes on, and I have had to start drinking the protein shakes to keep my health up as I am unable to eat. I now have a difficult time sleeping. I went to my surgeon, who wants to get more x-rays and get me fitted for a splint and he suggested, for the pain, that I be put on steroids but then I would only use Tylenol. That is it. The pain I have is so severe, it paralyzes me. I don't know what to do. Tylenol is not going to cut it, I use it now with Naproxen which does the same thing as a steroid. Any suggestions?
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